Improve the way your business appears online

With Bloomz Local listing management services, you’ll be able to improve your business’s online appearance. Our listings manager helps you to make your site more visible and attract customers by growing online citations and making your website stand out from competitors.

Search engines such as Google are continually collecting data about your business. You’ll want to make sure that your business details are accurate and up to date across all sites as this will improve your business chances of ranking higher in Google searches.

Track Your Listings

Our report allows us to view your listings and make changes that will improve your business visibility. We offer our clients a Listings Tracker service, which will help ensure that your business’s information is accurate.

Our team can continuously review and manage your company’s information on all the listed sites. This includes review sites as well as directories and apps. This will help your business be in control of your online presence and will create consistency across sites.

Building Citations

Citations will help create a strong foundation for your business and will improve search rankings. To build citations, we will get your company listed on the top sites and directories for your industry and locality. This will help grow local visibility and improve online presence; it will also increase your trust with Google.

With years of experience and lots of knowledge about which citations are best, we can create hundreds of citation opportunities in any industry. We don’t create duplicate listings but use NAP consistency. Bloomz Local will help to create a good quality citation profile for your business.

Fix your listings’ information – Rank Better